It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon.   I am watching the sun throw shadows across the marsh.  Everything is bathed in its warm light including the few clouds moving to the east.  It makes me so sleepy and relaxed.  Our two dogs hold down opposite ends of the couch, curled up sleeping. The squirrels are running and diving through the limbs in front of me. Gray kitty and orange kitty are frolicking on the neighbors lawn.  Each one giving chase to the other and orange kitty demonstrating his flips and dives.  It looks like spring.  It feels like spring.

Life here influences art and art influences life. So much more so than ever before. Just like the cycle of tides, so are the days and weeks and months of painting this landscape. Every moment comes into play. Each fresh moment joins all of the moments of the past to create a library of thoughts and feelings and images from which to create.

The days are getting longer and the suns angle in the sky is changing.  My place on the porch is lit by the sun.  And for several blinding minutes its light finds a hole in the leaves and shines directly on me.  And then it is gone.  Sinking behind the trees, leaving me in shadow.  The marsh is also more shadow than light now.  Only a few bits of light remain.  Dusk still happens quickly.  But that golden light is so amazing.  Something so precious rarely lasts long.

“evening floodtide” 11″ x 14″ oil on panel

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I am a landscape painter living and painting on the Georgia coast. Painting and writing is a way to reach out and share my observations, my experiences and my inspirations with you. It is how I tell my story and the story of the wild, beautiful landscape where I live.

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