Telling stories has always been a part of my life. I’m one of those people who figures things out by writing down my thoughts. I’m also one of those people who needs to put down what I see and how it makes me feel in an expressive, tangible way with paint. Both painting and writing are a conversation for me…. A conversation with the landscape and a conversation with people that are interested in it. These are my thoughts, my paintings and my stories about the place that holds my heart.

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It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon.   I am watching the sun throw shadows across the marsh.  Everything is bathed in its warm light including the few clouds moving to the east.  It makes me so sleepy and relaxed.  Our two dogs hold down opposite ends of the couch, curled up sleeping. The squirrels are running and…

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“For the artist, there is no insignificant thing.” ― Marty Rubin There is a small wooded area on the island where we live. One of the last wooded spots that, through some miracle has escaped development. It’s not a beautiful spot, by most people’s standards. No creek or marsh, no great ocean view. Nothing of significance. But…

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For a change, this morning my mind is blank.  Empty.   I think I am in that in between moment.  Life Limbo… Between a week of vacation last week and a week ahead of normal everyday life.  Between living in the moment and the reality of everyday life, full of to-do lists and appointments to keep.…

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